Asus ROG Whetstone Mousepad

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ROG Whetstone Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Measures at 12.5" x 10.6" with a thickness of 0.08"
  • Washable surface design, easy to clean
  • Durable and odorless non-slip silicone base
  • Portable design for LAN parties
  • Mayan-inspired textured surface for pixel-precise control

What is ROG Whetstone?

Designed with input from pro-gaming team Taipei Assassins, ROG Whetstone features a Mayan-inspired textured surface and is the first ROG hybrid silicone-fabric mouse pad that gives you precise, ultra-smooth , quiet mouse tracking and control. ROG Whetstone incorporates the latest bonding and heat-sealing techniques to ensure a durable, high quality finish. Its special water-resistant coat is washable too – giving you a mouse pad that's ideal for a gaming setup at home, or at LAN parties. With ROG, we give you nothing but the best.

  • 1. Laser-cut ROG logo
  • 2. Odorless and non-slip silicone base
  • 3. Mayan-inspired markings
  • 4. Works perfectly with gaming mice
  • 5. Fray-resistant

Mayan-inspired surface design gives you silent, swift and pixel-precise control, and super smooth glide. The surface works perfectly with both laser and optical sensors.


Rollable and highly portable hybrid design boasts exceptional durability, making it ideal for you to take to LAN parties.


Water-resistant coat for easy cleaning and long lifespan.


2mm thick ergonomic design enables you to game with comfort through the most intense battles unscathed.


Special 8-stage power bonding and heat-sealing techniques provide smooth, rounded fray-resistant edges and exceptional durability.


Non-slip silicone base grips firmly onto any surface. It doesn't slip, so you won't either.

Eco-friendly, premium quality for guaranteed victory

Prior to production, the materials that make up ROG Whetstone are subjected to the strictest material selection and manufacturing processes. ROG even received input from the world's finest professional gamers, and had them lab test hundreds of materials before deciding on the final design.

The resulting product is bluesign®-certified, and meets the world's most stringent safety and eco-friendly production requirements. ROG Whetstone is a premium, high quality product that's good for you, as well as the environment.

Easy to Clean

With a water-resistant coat, keeping ROG Whetstone in tip-top condition is simple.


The Story Behind Whetstone

A whetstone is a stone used for sharpening knives and other cutting tools. In the gaming world, deft, precise control often makes the difference between victory and defeat. Having a high performance gaming mouse isn't enough, ROG Whetstone is a gaming weapon that gives you the edge for ultimate performance.


Color Black
Size L 320 x W 20 x H 2 mm
Weight 220 g