Gamdias Hebe Stereo Gaming Headset

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Gamdias Hebe Stereo Gaming Headset

Listening to music is likewise a treat now with GAMDIAS employing 40mm professional gaming-level NdFeB magnet drivers to enhance the overall audio quality to reach the top, plus a rich bass that produces great balance and depth to every note that is played. The versatility of GAMDIAS HEBE truly puts it in a league of its own.


Anti-Noise, Solid & Durable Headband

The ergonomic design with crsytal clear sound, HEBE provides comfortable wear for long gaming session. Because of the lightweight design, you may not even realise you are 
wearing it! HEBE isolates external noise to prevent interruptions. No matter how much noise there is around you, you will not be affected and able to enjoy your activity better.
The headband is strong, durable, and flexible. The clamping force is optimal for head wearing comfort. 9-different-leveladjustment to fit all users.

Flexible, Anti-Noise Microphone Boom

“Unity is strength.” When playing games, you might not communicate with your teammates face to face, the mic boom is the most direct connection between you and them. An active noise-canceling microphone allows you and your teammates to support one another easily to achieve all kinds of tasks by discussing clear strategy, communicating tactics. GAMDIAS HEBE eliminates those awkward moments of no one hearing you when you were desperate will be the past tense. It is indeed the best tool for you.

Smart in-line Remote

Conveniently controlling the volume, and mic-mute function during game play.
GAMDIAS Acoustics
40mm gaming-class drivers provide absolutely transparent sound quality with balanced bass and trebles.
Innovative padded headband and ear cushions guarantees hours of comfort and isolates external noises
Rotating Microphone Boom
Adjustable arm situates microphone at the most desirable position.
Robust Headband
Reinforced and flexible headband with nine levels of height adjustment for perfect fit.
Cable Length 3.0m
Dimension(LxWxH) 232 x 100 x 216 mm
Frequency range 20 ~ 20KHz
Plug type Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug x 2
Sensitivity 100dB + / - 3 dB at 1 kHz
Impedance 32 Ohm + / ​​- 15%
Driver diameter 40mm
Driver magnets NdFeB
Driver membrane PET+PEN
Microphone size 6.0 * 5.0mm
Microphone Sensitivity -54 + / - 3 dB
Maximum input power N/A
Microphone frequency range N/A
Microphone impedance N/A
Vibration unit frequency range N/A
Vibration unit sensitivity N/A
Vibration unit impedance N/A
Vibration unit maximum input power N/A
Application UI N/A
Extended cable plug type  
Extended cable length  
Microphone Pick up Pattern  
EQ system  
Cable Length 3.0m
Connector Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug x 2
Product dimensions: 232 x 100 x 216 mm